Tuesday, November 27 2018

Manafort Met Assange?

Today the Guardian ran a story accusing former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort of meeting with Julian Assange prior to the 2016 election, presumably to influence the election with releases of stories damaging to Hillary Clinton. The Guardian later today edited their story to "walk back" their original allegations. In other words, they lied and are now retracting in order to prepare against legal action.

We've been exploring the possibility that transiting Pallas against a natal chart can correspond with events in which "the truth comes out" against a backdrop of obfuscation and/or false information. But we've seen that the involvement of Ceres in a Pallas transit may be an indicator of the "removal" of truth, or a deception. Today, transiting Pallas at 9 Libra is conjunct Julian Assange's natal Uranus at 9 Libra and transiting Ceres at 7 Scorpio is opposite his natal Pallas at 10 Taurus.

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