Thursday, November 29 2018

Daniels Vs Avenatti

Yesterday, Trump adversary Stormy Daniels publicy claimed that her lawyer, Trump adversary Michael Avenatti, sued Trump for defamation against her wishes and hid legal finance details from her. Avenatti, in a public statement, claims he has been "an open book with Stormy as to all aspects of her cases". If Daniels' statements are true, this is a serious problem for Avenatti. If false, this is a serious problem for Daniels.

We've been exploring the possibility that transiting Pallas against a natal chart can correspond with events in which "the truth comes out" against a backdrop of obfuscation and/or false information. But we've seen that the involvement of Ceres in a Pallas transit may be an indicator of the "removal" of truth, or a deception. Yesterday, transiting Pallas at 9 Libra was opposite Avenatti's progressed Pallas at 7 Aries and quincunx Daniels' natal Ceres at 9 Pisces. Transiting Ceres at 7 Scorpio was quincunx Avenatti's progressed Pallas at 7 Aries and widely square Daniels' Pallas at 15 Aquarius.

One or both of these Trump adversaries is lying. Neither party strikes me as credible, but I suspect that the astrology may be pointing the accusing finger at Daniels. Either way, the conclusion to this particular conflict will inform how I use Ceres-Pallas transits in the future.

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