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Zombies and Political Astrology

Zombies: increasingly popular supernatural monsters in pop culture -- shaped like humans, but mindless and senselessly destructive in their insatiable hunger to consume and destroy. In most modern zombie tales, the zombie phenomenon becomes a contagion that destroys civilization. Certainly a compelling image, but what do zombies have to with politics and astrology?

In my opinion, everything... but to see the connection requires some ground work.

Intelligence and Order

Stefan Molyneux often cites a study that shows that populations with average IQ's of less than 97 are incapable of modern "liberal democracy". The governments of low-IQ nations are, without exception, corrupt, autocratic, and abusive. In other words, stupidity is a root cause of tyranny and chaos. Conversely, a political alignment survey among members of the Triple Nine Society (Mensa on steroids -- IQ's of 149+) came out overwhelmingly libertarian. In other words, intelligence fosters freedom and "live and let live" civilized order. Intelligence is not the sole condition for civilized order (otherwise China would be the most libertarian society on Earth), but it certainly seems to be a necessary one.

The Cycle of Civilization

There is a short poem (source unknown) gaining in popularity on the internet these days, which describes something akin to the rise and fall of civilizations:

Hard times create strong men,
Strong men create good times,
Good times create weak men,
Weak men create hard times.

The poem describes a cycle akin to the four phases/"turnings" of Strauss-Howe Generational Theory, which in turn are similar to the four seasons (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter) in nature and the four Yugas (Sat/Treta/Dwapara/Kali) in Hindu religion. It is a distillation of a cycle observed by humanity countless times in history. We will examine this poem/pattern and connect it to zombies and astrology.

Civilization Makes Stupid People

"Good times create weak men", as the verse goes... but perhaps "stupid" is a better word than "weak". A civilized order (such as intelligent people sometimes create) is much easier to survive than chaos and tyranny. A Marxist regime, oppressive ethno-state, or a war zone will kill the smart and stupid alike... but the smart have a distinct survival advantage over the stupid. Intelligence can make all the difference for finding resources in a starving Communist society or for escaping death in an actively violent environment. Conversely, a civilized, free society kills the low-intelligence people at a slower rate than a non-civilized or tyrannical culture. Civilized societies even confer advantages for low intelligence, such as welfare and third-world-immigration programs. This leads to a higher survival rate, and a higher birth rate, of low-intelligence people. In civilization, then, the stupid flourish and increase in number, eventually gaining significant influence on society: this is not without consequences.

Stupid People Destroy Civilization

"Weak men create hard times". Replacing "weak men" with "stupid people" again in the verse, we have "stupid people make hard times". This is a logical consequence of the observation that the average IQ of a population, as many observe, largely determines the political system. Combine that with the observation that civilization creates conditions in which the average IQ of a population drops over time due to the growing population of the stupid, and we can conclude that as stupid people multiply and gain more influence in a political system, that system must degrade in quality over time. This is somewhat obvious in the the story of the United States: once "the land of the free and home of the brave", now increasingly a welfare/warfare/police/surveillance state. At some point in this process of degradation, civilization is lost and chaos ensues. We see this today in Venezuela and have seen it before in the Roman Empire, the USSR, and Nazi Germany (which actively pursecuted its highest-IQ population).

Collapse and Exodus

"Hard times create strong men". Replacing "strong men" with "smart people" in the verse and taking history into account, we have the part of the verse that corresponds with a recurring story that is older than written history. The pattern is this: stupid people through stupid choices destroy the world they inherited. The smarter segment of the population then either escapes or hides itself away in order to save itself. This is the story of Noah's Ark, and its modern-day equivalent Atlas Shrugged. It has echoes in Sodom and Gomorrah, in the Jewish exoduses from Egypt and Europe, in the flight of Europeans to the New World of America, and in countless other instances. Stupid people crash society; smart people leave or hide. It's not so much that hard times make people smart; it's that hard times wipe out the stupid or at least cause them to doubt themselves and seek guidance from the less-stupid.

Rebuilding Civilization

"Strong men create good times". Again we replace "strong men" with "smart people". Here in the cycle, the stupid have destroyed civilization and have reduced their own population in the process. The ones that are left are more inclined to listen to smarter folks than themselves. The smarter people are more obvious to spot than they would have been at a different stage: they are the ones who saw the collapse coming and took preventative measures. They, in large part, will be in charge for the rebuilding effort for civilization... and the cycle begins anew.


From the point of view of civilization, zombies are a metaphor for the low-intelligence people in our formulation. While the zombie metaphor is relatively new, zombies have effectively always been with us. They are the mindlessly sinful who incur the wrath of God in the stories of Noah and the Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah. They are the soulless "pre-Adamic race" of Christian and Islamic theory, the selfish "STS" humans of some metaphysical theories. In "The Matrix", they are the "Agent Smith" clones who can do little more than replicate and destroy, even to the detriment of the system that contains and sustains them. In today's internet meme culture, they are the Leftist "NPCs" who mindlessly virtue-signal to each other as they demand new political, social, and economic structures that rational people rightly see as unsustainable.

Astrological Connections

In an early article, I directly mapped the cycles of Strauss-Howe Generational Theory (and the cycle of the verse we examine in this article) to the cycle of Neptune through the signs of the Western zodiac. Here I reproduce the chart in the article, to show that the Crisis/Collapse periods of our cycle of civilization correspond well with when Neptune (sometimes Pluto) enters Virgo or Pisces:

1461-1482: Crisis: War of the Roses -- Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio 1466-1479
1566-1587: Crisis: Armada Crisis -- Pluto in Pisces followed by Uranus 1552-1591
1674-1700: Crisis: King Philip's War -- Neptune: Pisces 1684-1696
1767-1791: Crisis: American Revolution -- Neptune: Virgo 1766-1779
1843-1859: Crisis: American Civil War -- Neptune: Pisces 1847-1860
1925-1945: Crisis: Great Depression/World War II -- Neptune: Virgo 1930-1943
2005- Crisis: Global Financial Crisis -- Neptune: Pisces 2011-2024

If zombies are associated with the rise and fall of civilizations, and the rise and fall of civilizations is associated with the astrological Neptune-- transitively, then, zombies are associated with the astrological Neptune.

So there it is: zombies and political astrology.

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