Monday, January 14, 2019

Famous Rappers

We interrupt the regular broadcast to address a mildly amusing question. Do top-tier rap artists have any common natal astrological markers? Let's see...

Andre 3000 - Mercury squine Pluto
Busta Rhymes - Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto
DMX - Mercury squine Pluto
Drake - Mercury in Scorpio
E-40 - Mercury in Scorpio novile Pluto
Eminem - Mercury in Scorpio novile Pluto
Future - Mercury novile Pluto
50-Cent - Mercury squine Pluto
Game (The) - Mercury in Scorpio
Ghostface Killah - Mercury trine Pluto
Ice Cube - Mercury in the Eighth House
Ice T - Mercury quindecile Pluto
Jadakiss - Mercury squine Pluto
Jay-Z - Mercury square Pluto
Kanye West - Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto
KRS-One - Mercury conjunct Pluto
Kendrick Lamar - Mercury trine Pluto
Lauryn Hill - Mercury squine Pluto
Lecrae - Mercury in Scorpio widely conjunct Pluto
Lil Wayne - Mercury conjunct Pluto
LL Cool J - Mercury trine Pluto (wide)
Ludacris - Mercury decile Pluto, sextile Uranus in Scorpio, sextile Mars
Lupe Fiasco - Mercury square Pluto
Mac Miller - Mercury septile Pluto
Masta Ace - Mercury sextile Pluto
Missy Elliott - Mercury sextile Pluto
Mos Def - Mercury sextile Pluto
Nas - Mercury conjunct Pluto
Nicki Minaj - Mercury square Pluto
Notorious BIG - Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto
Phife Dawg - Mercury quintile Pluto
Prodigy - Mercury (widely) conjunct Pluto
Professor Griff - Mercury semisquare Pluto
Q-Tip - Mercury opposite Pluto
Raekwon - Mercury trine Pluto
Rakim - Mercury quincunx Pluto
Redman - Mercury trine Pluto
Rihanna - Mercury square Pluto (not a "rapper", but...)
Queen Latifah - Mercury opposite Pluto
Scarface - Mercury sextile Pluto
Slick Rick - Mercury squine Pluto
Snoop Dogg - Mercury in Scorpio
Talib Kweli - Mercury conjunct Pluto
Tech N9ne - Mercury sextile Pluto
TI - Mercury conjunct Pluto
Too $hort - Mercury quincunx Pluto
Tupac Shakur - Mercury square Pluto

The answer appears to be "yes": top-tier rap artists tend to have natal Mercury - Pluto configurations. Mercury is, of course, the astrological planet of language/speech and Pluto is the planet of extremes and intensity. You may notice that the more "intense" and/or seminal artists tend (somewhat) to have stronger aspects. Common sense dictates that exceptions exist... but that without accurate birth times, many charts can not be definitively ruled as exceptions. These have been omitted here (I didn't find many in the "top rappers" lists I checked).

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