Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Astrology of the Crucifixion

This is what we get when we take the horoscope of Jesus Christ as proposed by William Stickevers and look at transits and progressions against it for the time/date of the crucifixion as presented by Christian Evidence.

We have ample evidence to link Ceres to removals and disappearances. Transiting Ceres on this chart is in tight aspect to numerous points on Jesus' horoscope including Saturn, the Sun, the progressed Sun, Pluto, the Vertex, Ceres, and Uranus. Transiting Neptune is conjunct within one minute of arc to the progressed Mars and square within one minute of arc to the natal Ceres. Progressed Neptune is conjunct within one minute of arc to the proposed Descendant. And, of course, there's the lunar eclipse on Jesus' Moon. Ceres, Neptune, and eclipses are all associated with different kinds of "disappearances" (symbolically consistent with death as far as I'm concerned) -- so this chart provides interesting support for the dates proposed by Stickevers and the researchers at Christian Evidence

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