Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sri Lanka Bombings

From Drudge:

207 dead in Sri Lanka Easter Sunday terror attacks targeting Christians.

The Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas square Nodes, and Pluto.
2.  Mars, ruler of Venus, square Neptune. North Node in Second House.
3.  Venus squine Ceres.
4.  Pluto rules and is sextile Moon
5.  Ceres sesquiquadrate Sun. Pluto widely square Sun.

Also: if you look at AstroCartoGraphy for the recent Aries Ingress chart, ingress Mars is at 23 Tau08 with a Mars/IC line next to Sri Lanka. Today, Pluto is at 23Cap08 -- an exact trine within one minute of arc.

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