Thursday, September 19, 2019

Trudeau Blackface Scandal

Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ Party While He Taught at a Private School.  

As always with ethics scandals, we are looking for a Jupiter-to-Pallas transit...  Jupiter for publicity and Pallas for ethics, generally accompanied by a major outer-planet transit which represents a significant change in status.

Using Dec 25 1971 Ottawa Canada for Trudeau: transiting Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius has been quincunx Trudeau's Pallas at 17 Taurus. 

A Uranus-to-Jupiter or similar transit also seems to be a common feature of ethics scandals.  Here we have transiting Uranus at 6 Taurus sesquiquadrate Trudeau's Jupiter at 21 Sagittarius and trine his progressed Jupiter at 0 Taurus. 

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