Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Jordan Peterson in Rehab

From last month: Psychology Guru Jordan Peterson Checks Into Rehab After Drug Treatment Amid Wife’s Cancer Scare.  

In ethics scandals, we are looking for a Jupiter-to-Pallas transit...  Jupiter for publicity and Pallas for ethics, generally accompanied by a major outer-planet transit which represents a significant change in status. This is not an ethics scandal but bears a similar signature because like a scandal it is an event in which an aspect of the ethical character of an entity is revealed to the public. Here Peterson appears to have openly revealed his difficulties with prescription medications rather than hide them to spare his public image.

Using Jun 12 1962 2:49am Edmonton Canada for Peterson: transiting Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius was quincunx Peterson's Pallas at 17 Taurus. 

A Uranus-to-Jupiter or similar transit also seems to be a common feature of these events.  Here we had transiting Uranus at 6 Taurus conjunct Peterson's solar arc Jupiter at 6 Taurus. 

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