Friday, October 11, 2013

John Boehner

I see House Speaker John Boehner as a classic "politician for the sake of being a politician", one who "goes along to get along".  Unlike Rand Paul or even Ted Cruz on the Right, and the majority of the Left, Boehner has no discernible ideology.  He does what brings him and keeps him in power.  On the occasion that the Republicans grow a spine on a particular issue, Boehner will generally be among the first to cave to the opposition and rally the corps to surrender with him.  This strategy has worked very well for him, as it does for his fellow RINOs (Republican In Name Only):  Republicans are afraid to attack him for fear of weakening the party, and left-liberals leave him be because he serves their interests.  Astrology shows us what makes him tick.

Pallas/Ethics:  Making for a very weak ethical structure, Pallas is tightly conjunct the South Node, sextile Pluto, and widely square Jupiter.  The South Node is the strongest authoritarian factor here, but usually creates ethical "fuzziness" rather than hard authoritarianism.  Venus, ruler of Pallas, is square the Nodes (with Venus ruling the South Node).  Very fuzzy indeed.

Venus/Economics:  This is also fuzzy, but may lean Leftward.  The "fuzzy" part comes from Venus square the Nodes.  The "Leftward" comes from Neptune squaring Venus.  The chart, like Boehner's record, does not give us fiscal conservatism.

Moon/Culture:  More Left-leaning fuzziness.  The Moon is conjunct Neptune, regardless of birth time.  Venus, subject to the unclear factors described above, rules the Moon. 

As with Ted Cruz, modern US politicians whose charts don't put them solidly on the Left or the Right tend to go with the Republicans, who reward limp conviction with great power.

Boehner has Saturn (representing restriction) conjunct Mars (representing action), with Mars co-ruling the Sun and Mercury.  This poetically evokes Boehner's function as a "cock-blocker" for the Republican Party. 

There is no time of birth available:  my suspicion is that he was not born anywhere near noon (so, either early morning or late night.  This is because a birth time of around noon would place the Moon in a very close conjunction with Pallas:  the configuration of a fighter.  A fighter Boehner is not.  I personally have friends with Mars-Saturn conjunctions and Moon-Pallas aspects who are world-class martial artists.  Unlike Boehner, they have chosen to use Mars-Saturn to discipline their action rather than impede action altogether. 

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