Tuesday, August 26, 2014

California Gun Wait Period Ruling

A federal judge has just ruled California's 10-day waiting period for gun purchases to be unconstitutional.  Because this is an increase in civil rights (through a decrease in government) and also because it involves weapons, we look to astrological activity involving Pallas.  The article linked above does not report a time for the ruling, so the time for the transit/progression chart for California, below, is arbitrary.  

Note that California's progressed Pallas is now at the IC, a location for Pallas which in my research consistently associates with martial arts and weapons.  During the ruling, the current Mars/Saturn conjunction is trine with this progressed Pallas (Mars suggesting action and Saturn suggesting authority).  Transiting Mercury is opposite progressed Pallas -- I find that aspects or progressions involving Mercury or the Sun with Pallas pretty much always accompany news that libertarians would consider positive.

Transiting Jupiter is very close to a quindecile with California's "natal" Pallas.  It's probably reasonable to assume some kind of counterattack by the State of California in the near future. 

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