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Clint Eastwood / American Sniper

Clint Eastwood has been Hollywood's most high-profile self-professed "libertarian" for decades.  He has been openly political, has generally opposed "big government", and even made anti-war statements during his improvised speech at the 2012 Republican convention.  In this context, it is a shock that he has just released "American Sniper", the most state-propagandist, anti-libertarian film in recent public memory.  Chris Kyle himself, in the autobiography upon which the film is ostensibly based, admitted being both proudly racist and gleefully homicidal, in stark contrast to the noble defender in Eastwood's film.  To anyone with a conscience and some awareness of the truth, this is stunning. 

Astrology explains both Eastwood's lifelong mostly-libertarian views and his recent apparent slide into statism.

First, the natal chart:

LibertarianPallas conjunct Sun and Mercury.  This is extremely strong.
AuthoritarianPallas quincunx South Node and semisquare Pluto.  These are moderately strong.
This is pretty much what we'd expect to see on Eastwood's natal chart:  strong libertarian factors diluted by weaker authoritarian factors.  This comes out in his almost-libertarian politics and in the characters he portrays in film (essentially driven by ethics but with major quirks or lapses). 

Now the transits and progressions for Eastwood for the end of March 2014 when filming began

The "smoking gun" is Eastwood's progressed Pallas just past an exact conjunction with his progressed Pluto:  he is coming out of what is likely to have been the least-libertarian phase in his life.  Readers of this blog know that Pluto weakens the ethical awareness of Pallas through any contact by transit or progression. 

Also of note:  transiting Pallas conjunct his progressed Moon at the MC.  This suggests highly prominent military/martial energies:  exactly appropriate for the start of filming for a war movie.

I mention some of the relevant aspects of Pallas as it relates to Eastwood's chart in my talk on Pallas.

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