Monday, January 4, 2016

Terror and Tyranny in 2016?

First, the good news: the worst is mostly over for the current Pallas-Pluto Cycle.  The current waning Pallas-Pluto conjunction, representing corrupted (Pluto) ethics (Pallas) brought us Paris terror attacks, a Turkish attack on the Russian military, a massacre in California, the Paris climate deal, and moves towards gun control by Lord Obama.  Now that the conjunction is ending, we should see the pace of "evil" (force and violence) slow down and remain at a (relatively) lower level for 2016.  We don't get another conjunction until 2020. 

The bad news is that we'll probably still see more bad behavior of significant magnitude in 2016, albeit at a generally slower pace.


The top graph is tracks longitudinal aspects between Pallas (or sign rulers of Pallas) to Pluto.  Unlike 2015 which ended in a long dramatic conjunction, 2016 gives us intermittent minor aspects.  The red circles mark aspects in which the number of degrees is divisible by 30 (sextiles, etc.).  The lines mark noviles (40 degrees) and semisquares (45 degrees).  We may well see spikes in tyranny and/or crime around these times of the year, but perhaps these will be much weaker than this past month-and-a-half of horrors.

The bottom graph shows declination for the relevant planets for the year.  The take-away here is that while Pallas is in Aquarius for most of the year (most of the first four months and last five months), transiting Saturn is parallel with transiting Pluto the entire time.  So while I don't expect 2016 to be as violent as 2015, the "dark side of the Force" isn't far from the surface.  Perhaps Tyranny and Statism may creep rather than leap towards us.

Or so I hope.  An alternate interpretation is that because Pallas is in Aquarius for most of the year, and its co-ruler Saturn is parallel Pluto for entire year, the sheer length of the contact may create fertile conditions for very bad things of significant size to erupt.  Also, because the planet in aspect to Pluto all year is Saturn, this almost guarantees massive power upheaval. 

Happy New Year.  :)

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