Saturday, October 13, 2018

Weird Pallas Conjunctions

If you're familiar with the work presented on this web site, you'll know a couple things about the strange theories that appear here. One: they tend to be supported by volumes of data. Two: they tend to continue to work in virtually all cases, even as the case studies grow in number over time. This is because I try to abandon ideas that don't work.

Odd cases will appear from time to time, however, which I cannot explain with my established theories. Sometimes, if enough similar anomalies appear, I will alter my theories to account for them.

Here is a small collection of anomalies involving Pallas which I cannot yet explain with confidence, but which present intriguing possibilities.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Given Pallas square Sun and Mercury, and conjunct the North Node, we should expect a (left) libertarian from this chart. But, of course, Rockwell was the founder of the American Nazi Party: the very antithesis of a libertarian! Yes, nodal contact is a bit of wild-card for Pallas (and probably everything else), but this seems to be too much of a departure from the normal pattern. A possible explation is Ceres, which is conjunct the North Node which in turn is conjunct Pallas. Ceres by transit consistently removes things/people -- could it be by this wide, out-of-sign conjuntion to Pallas, Ceres removes Pallas' normal ethical/libertarian bent?

Federal Reserve Bank. The plot thickens. Pallas on this chart is (widely) conjunct Sun and Mercury, but opposite Pluto. This is a strong mixed signature with both Apollonian and Dionysian factors, but Apollo seems as if it should be at least slightly ahead in this chart. But, of course, this is The Fed... the most destructive, anti-human financial institution on the planet. We should expect Pallas to be even more damaged. The possible explanation here (again) is Ceres which is widely conjunct Pallas, out of sign, bridged by the Sun.

Pope Francis. Using the normal methods, I predicted a highly libertarian Pope... but it turns out he's a Marxo-globalist who protects pedophiles in his church. The weird astrological signature is back, nearly identical to the last one.

United States of America. Again, the very same signature. In this case it suggests that the possibility of the loss of freedom in "the land of the free" may be even higher than I originally suspected.

Hedy Lamarr, who was a world-changing inventor as well as a popular film actress, presents another intriguing case. We might normally expect a clear Pallas-Uranus aspect, but instead we have (surprise) another wide, out-of-sign Pallas conjunction, with Uranus, bridged by another planet (Neptune/Moon by opposition). Yes, the Moon-Pallas opposition does work nicely with the fact that she invented at least one very important military technology.

Nicola Tesla, world-changing inventor of electric and other technologies, is our last case. When we look for the usual Pallas-Uranus aspect, we find yet another wide, out-of-sign Pallas conjunction, with Uranus, bridged by Vesta.

In short, it may turn out that a wide, out-of-sign Pallas conjunction, bridged by another planet, is just as strong as (or stronger than??) a normal conjunction. It may also be the case that natal Ceres has as deleterious an effect on natal Pallas as Pluto does. I'm probably going to have to comb through the collection and look for more of these kinds of things.

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