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The Pallas-Uranus aspect is the aspect of the Demiurge, the builder of worlds. Pallas (intelligence) plus Uranus (breaking away, differentiation) seems to indicate the ability to deliberately create/evoke a new reality. Persons without this aspect can certainly invent significant technologies or fictional universes, but there is a noticeable difference in Uranus-Pallas natives who do these things. These persons are often ceaseless fountains of innovation, and the worlds they create or evoke have a life of their own which often grows far beyond their creator.


George Lucas - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Creator of "Star Wars" and its universe.

Isaac Asimov - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Author/creator of the "Foundation" universe.

Warren Ellis - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Author/creator of "Planetary". The majority of his stories are miniature world-building exercises.

Andy Wachowski - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Co-creator of "The Matrix" and other fictional film universes.

Junji Ito - Pallas conjunct Uranus
King of horror manga (Japanese comics).

Gene Roddenberry - Pallas quincunx Uranus and conjunct Uranus ruler Neptune.
Creator of "Star Trek".

JRR Tolkien - Pallas at 15 Aquarius, widely square Uranus
Author/creator of "Lord of the Rings" and its universe.

JK Rowling - Pallas at 15 Aquarius, quincunx Uranus
Author/creator of "Harry Potter" and its universe.

Elizabeth Holmes - Pallas at 15 Aquarius, sextile Uranus
Creator of Theranos (tech company that succesfully sold a fictional product).

Philip K Dick - Pallas at 12 Aquarius and Uranus/ASC to MC midpoint.
Author of countless prescient sci-fi novels.

Stan Lee - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of the "Marvel Universe" of super-heroes.

George Orwell - Pallas trine Uranus
Author/creator of "1984".

Kim Stanley Robinson - Pallas trine Uranus
Author/creator of the "Mars Trilogy" and its extremely rich universe.

Bryan Talbot - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus
Extremely influential co-creator of the modern "graphic novel" subgenre of comic books.

Frank Herbert - Pallas septile Uranus
Author/creator of "Dune".

Lana Wachowski - Pallas in Aquarius quadrinovile Uranus
Co-creator of "The Matrix" and other fictional film universes.


George HW Bush - Pallas conjunct Uranus
The man who brought the term "New World Order" into the popular lexicon.

Bernie Sanders - Pallas opposite Uranus
A man currently wooing millions into his own vision of a "Socialist" America.

Arianna Huffington - Pallas trine/parallel Uranus
HuffPo is something of a universe unto itself.

Ron Paul - Pallas trine Uranus (helped by Sun/Mercury)
The "spark" of modern libertarian culture (and its mutant child the Tea Party).

Karl Marx - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of a notional world which many have attempted to make real, to disastrous effect.

Margaret Thatcher - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of a sort of "alternate England" not seen before or since.

Murray Rothbard - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of the modern "anarcho-capitalist" movement.

Kim Il-Sung - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus
Creator of North Korea, a universe unto itself.

Jim Jones - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus

Marshall Applewhite - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus
Leader of the "Heaven's Gate" cult.

Adolf Hitler - Pallas tridecile / mundane-square Uranus, Pallas semisquare ruler of Uranus
Another world-builder.

L Ron Hubbard - Pallas sextile Uranus
Prolific science-fiction author and creator of the world-view called Scientology.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Mercury at the midpoint of Uranus and Pallas.
Author of fiction, and forefather of the modern totalitarian State.

Donald Trump - Pallas parallel Uranus
Creator of a real estate and media empire, one which may acquire the United States soon.

Rupert Murdoch - Pallas contraparallel Uranus (bridged by Sun)
Fox News, like HuffPo, is something like its own universe.


Thomas Edison - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Through technologies he either created or stole, is also the author of a world: ours.

Nicola Tesla - Pallas widely conjunct Uranus (bridged by aspects to Jupiter)
Creator of technologies some of which are still beyond current science.

Hedy Lamarr - Pallas widely conjunct Uranus (bridged by aspects to Moon/Neptune)
Creator of wireless communications technology, predecessor to WiFi.

Steve Jobs - Pallas quincunx Uranus (bridged by Jupiter)
Brought us the "universe" of Apple products.

Joy Mangano - Pallas in Aquarius opposite Uranus
Inventor and midwife of a "world" of household devices.


Anne Frank - Pallas conjunct Uranus
The WW2 diarist who recreated her tiny universe for the world.

Margaret Mead - Pallas square Uranus (helped by Mercury)
The legendary anthropologist who brought the cultures of Samoa and others to the West.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - Pallas semisquare Uranus
Soviet gulag survivor who revealed that "world" to the rest of the world.


Elvis Presley - Pallas conjunct Uranus
A "world-builder" in popular music if ever there was one.

Michael Jackson - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Another "world-builder" in popular music.

Miles Davis - Pallas square Uranus
Created or helped to create numerous major sub-genres of Jazz.

Hugh Hefner - Pallas square Uranus (helped by Mercury)
Created the Playboy "universe" of entertainment for males.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Pallas at Uranus-Neptune midpoint, semisextile Uranus
Developer of the chromatic 12-tone scale upon which virtually all Western music is based.

Prince (musician) - Pallas semisextile Uranus and conjunct Uranus-Mercury midpoint.
Undeniably hyper-creative musical entertainer.

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