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The Holy Trinity

In this earlier post, we explored a few ways of linking major religions to astrology. There, we tied the Christian conception of good and evil to the Apollonian-Dionysian spectrum, which I correlate with aspects between the asteroid Pallas and other bodies in the horoscope. In my theory, certain ("Pallas-positive") aspects to Pallas bring out "Apollo", which connects to discipline/logic/order, which are generally considered "good". Other aspects to Pallas bring out "Dionysos", bringing impulsiveness and chaos, which we might associate with acts of "evil".

If my theory is correct, "good and evil" in Christian traditions (among others) may be analogous to planetary astrological forces: not on their own, but in aspect to Pallas. In this article, I suggest that the Christian Holy Trinity of "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost" can be directly represented astrologically by the Sun, Mercury, and the North Lunar Node in aspect to Pallas. I will outline here why I think this mapping makes sense not only on the symbolic/poetic level but also on the practical level in astrological chart interpretation.

I believe I have already made a strong case that the Sun, Mercury, and the North Node when configured with Pallas facilitates "Apollonian" or disciplined/logical/orderly behavior. Case studies can be found in Political Ideology and Astrology and blog posts here discussing the astrology of libertarianism and peace. I continue to accrue case studies of this phenomenon, and the case for this line of inquiry only grows stronger with more data.

The Sun -- God the Father

In modern scientific thought, the Sun is literally the "creator" of our world: the source of all life and (virtually) all light. If we are to pick a symbol to stand for God the Father from our "astrological Holy Trinity" of the Sun, Mercury, and the North Node, there is no choice but the Sun. Astrologically, Sun-Pallas aspects tend to appear in the horoscopes of persons who become synonymous with an ethic, cause, or skill (examples here). From the point of view of Pallas, then, the Sun is the imparter of meaning and purpose... arguably much like "God the Father" Himself.

Mercury -- Jesus Christ the Son

In classical Western mythology, Mercury is the "messenger of the gods"; here he is the bringer of messages from divinity and a guide to souls in the afterlife. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is known as the Logos (the Truth, the Word); he is the intermediary or messenger between divinity and man; and he is the guide to souls for the afterlife. Christians generally consider Christ to be the best (or the sole) path from man to God. From the point of view of the astrological Pallas, aspects with Mercury probably have the strongest "Apollonian" effect on the horoscope (probably exceeding even that of the Sun).

The North Lunar Node -- The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost in Christianity is (among other things) a bodiless, formless force which inpires and breathes life and purpose into man. This is very much in line with the astrological function of the North Node both in aspect to Pallas and in Western astrology in general. Whistleblowers, persons who experience a "Saul on the road to Damascus" ethical awakening tend to have North Node both in aspect to Pallas natally.

Mapping the Christian Holy Trinity to the trio of astrological "Pallas-positive" factors in the horoscope provides what I see as startling thematic connections between Christianity and astrology; it also inspires some deep questions. From an astrology-centric viewpoint, one can argue that the Christian cosmology with regard to the Holy Trinity is all a great metaphor for the Pallas-related astrological phenomena I detail on this web site. From a Christian-centric viewpoint, one could argue that perhaps God created our solar system (and its associated astrological properties) to reflect the spiritual/psychological aspects of the reality He created for humankind... and perhaps to give us hints that Christianity is indeed "real". The recently popularized idea that our entire reality is a computer simulation and/or is spontaneously generated by a singular consciousness which underlies everything? This brings up an endless array of even weirder possibilities. In one of these views of the universe, perhaps all of the astrological properties I seem to be discovering about Pallas and other bodies, are appearing in the universe because someone is looking for them.

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