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These are lists of famous persons (and events and other entities) born with Pallas in Pisces, harvested from Astrotheme. The lists are very roughly sorted into astrological categories (sports as the first house, arts as the fifth, etc).


Beckham, David
Ronaldo, Cristiano
James, LeBron
Mauresmo, Amelie (tennis, French)
Seagall, Steven
Simpson, O.J.
Woods, Tiger
Hamilton, Lewis (Formula One)
Pirlo, Andrea
Cruyff, Johan
Fisher, Bobby
Rodman, Dennis
Agassi, Andre
Comaneci, Nadia (first to be awarded perfect 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event; Romanian)
Knoxville, Johnny (extreme stunts/“Jackass”)
Orton, Randy
Houdini, Harry
Nureyev, Rudolf
Safat, Marin (tennis)
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem (NBA)
Humphries, Kris (NBA power forward who briefly married Kim Kardashians—72 days)
Lochte, Ryan (Olympic swimmer)
Baryshnikov, Mikhail
Borg, Bjorn
La La (former wife of Carmelo Anthony)
Hunt, James (racecar)
Lindbergh, Charles
Bartoli, Marion (tennis)
Knievel, Evel
Vonn, Lindsey (skier)
Romario (soccer)
Griffin, Blake (No. 1 NBA draft pick; played under father in school in OK; “Lob City”; sense of humor/timing)
Leonard, Sugar Ray
Wilkinson, Jonny (rugby)
Button, Jason (sports car driver)
Anthony, Carmelo (same Pallas sign as his ex-wife, La La; Carmleo’s career is interesting: won an NCAA title at Syracuse as a freshman; became 3rd overall pick, drafted by the small-market Denver Nuggets; became instantly & massively overrated due to being an incredible “pure scorer,” but ultimately became known for being a stubborn, “my way or the highway” type of player who obstinately refused to adapt to the modern NBA’s emphasis on pick-and-roll defense, 3-point shooting, and passing; he’s also known for strong-arming his way to the dysfunctional New York Knicks because a) he wanted to get paid and b) wanted to be in large-market NY, in part to be with his then-wife)
Cohen, Sasha (figure skating)
Montana, Joe (sabermetrics don’t look as fondly on his career as talking heads do—maybe that’s a byproduct of the natural square to Gemini [statistics] and Sagittarius [fundamentalism])
Powell, Chris (fitness guru, ABC Weight Loss shows)
Lewis, Carl (track & field)
Silva, Anderson (UFC)
Simon, Gilles (tennis)
Thomas, Isiah (“currently president for the NY Knicks,” lol, that was well over a decade ago—he was accused of sexual harassment and left in public disgrace despite his previously charming reputation with the press; also considered extremely overrated as a player by “advanced stats,” a.k.a. sabermetrics, and is routinely cited as one of the worst basketball execs of all-time)
Dumas, Amy (Lita of WWE fame)
Russell, Bill (NBA GOAT and an erudite person; revered for his leadership, unselfishness and defense; contemporary of Wilt Chamberlain)


Zuckerberg, Mark
Herrera, Caroline (fashion)
Oliver, Jamie (chef)
Casiraghi, Andrea (heir to Italian oil fortune)
Rockefeller, David
Turner, Ted (media mogul, eugenicist)
Herme, Pierre (“the Picasso of Pastry”)
Getty, J. Paul (born into petroleum business; oil & business magnate)
Kiyosaki, Robert


King, Stephen
Shakespeare, William
Verne, Jules
Beckett, Samuel
Coelho, Paulo
Sand, George
Stein, Gertrude
Maupassant, Guy de (short story)
Rousseau, Jean-Jacque (political philosopher; music theorist/composer)
Bronte, Emily
Chekhov, Anton
Capote, Truman
Gide, Andre (Nobel Prize of Literature, 1947)
Kane, Sarah (playwright)
Keats, John
Miller, Arthur
Vian, Boris
Steele, Danielle
Barthes, Roland (French critic)
Paglia, Camille (American critic)
Mishima, Yukio (playwright; ritual suicide by seppuku)
Sienkiewicz, Henryk (Nobel Prize-winning novelist)
Gogol, Nikolai
Mamet, David
Baldwin, James (writer, activist who explored racist & homosexual themes)
Douglas, Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
Cornwell, Patricia (writer; claimed to have solved Jack the Ripper killings)
Maugham, William Somerset (1930s playwright)
Cartland, Barbara (romance novels)
Frost, Robert


Los Angeles, California (source: Marc Penfield; second-largest city in the USA after New York City)
Berlin (Germany)
Florence (Italy)
Rio de Janeiro


Brando, Marlon
Carrey, Jim
Clooney, George
Hanks, Tom
Phoenix, River
Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Bourdain, Anthony
Goldblum, Jeff
Hart, Kevin
Murphy, Eddie
Newman, Paul
Pratt, Chris
Hamm, Jon
Gervais, Ricky
Fox, Michael J.
Letterman, David
Patinkin, Mandy
Reeve, Christopher
Renner, Jeremy
Walken, Christopher
Dieudonne (French comedian)
Nagui (French)
Moore, Shemar
Morgan, Jeffrey Dean
Welles, Orson
Poivre d'Arvor, Patrick
Hall, Michael C.
Harrelson, Woody
Harvey, Steve (comedy)
Gandolfini, James
Pesci, Joe
Segel, Jason (comedy)
Braff, Zach (Scrubs)
David, Larry
Hicks, Bill
Izzard, Eddie
Roth, Tim (Reservoir Dogs)
Valderrama, Wilmer (That 70s Show)
Woods, James
Zane, Billy
Fishburne, Laurence
Danson, Ted
Carlyle, Robert
Hedlund, Garrett
Lemmon, Jack
Whitaker, Forest
Beckford, Tyson
Giabiconi, Baptiste
Lee, Jason
Lopez, George (comedy)
Meloni, Christopher
Moss, Ronn
O’Donnell, Chris
Sudeikis, Jason
Sumpter, Jeremy (Peter Pan)
Yelchin, Anton
Galecki, John
Arnett, Will (Arrested Development)
Astin, Sean (The Goonies)
Diggs, Taye
Idle, Eric (Monty Python)
James, Lily (Downtown Abbey)
Lewis, Damian
Lloyd, Christopher
Masterson, Christopher (Malcolm in the Middle; brother of Danny Masterson of That ‘70s Show)
D’Elia, Chris
Offerman, Nick (Parks and Rec)
Tosh, Daniel
Johansson, Hunter (twin brother of Scarlett; included because potential twin study)
Warner, Malcolm-Jamal
Bill, Buffalo
Mifune, Toshiro
Miranda, Lin-Manuel


Barrymore, Drew
Cotillard, Marion
Johansson, Scarlett
Longoria, Eva
Tate, Sharon
Thurman, Uma
Winslet, Kate
Campbell, Naomi
Crawford, Cindy
Jovovich, Milla
Kardashian, Khloe
Schneider, Romy
Deschanel, Zooey
Ryan, Meg
Connelly, Jennifer
Darc, Mireille
Fanning, Dakota
Fey, Tina
Ricci, Christina
Schiffer, Claudia
Wood, Natalie
Zemanova, Veronica
Handler, Chelsea
Menibus, Cecile de (French journalist/TV host)
Argento, Asia
Bacall, Lauren
Bergman, Ingrid
Cardinale, Claudia
Cosgrove, Miranda
Dietrich, Marlene
Hendricks, Christina
Leigh, Jennifer Jason
Locklear, Heather
Rivers, Joan
Wright, Robin
Richards, Denise
Benson, Ashley
Prepon, Laura (That 70s Show)
Sedgwick, Edie
Fanning, Elle (daughter of Dakota)
Osbourne, Sharon (wife of Ozzy; TV & media, promotion, manager)
Simpson, Ashlee (Jessica Simpson’s sister; pop star/actress)
Collins, Joan
Duperay, Anny(French actress, worked with Jean-Luc Goddard)
Reid, Tara
Kroes, Doutzen
Osbourne, Kelly (actress/fashion designer; daughter of Ozzy/Sharon; fame from MTV’s The Osbournes)
Leoni, Tea
Simmons, Kimora Lee
Kaling, Mindy
Lang, Katherine Kelly (The Bold & The Beautiful)
Pinto, Freida (Slumdog Millionaire)
Pozzi, Moana (porn)
Keena, Monica (various shows/movies but mostly in the “beautiful people” industry, model as well)
Malone, Jenna (Donnie Darko)
Nixon, Cynthia (Sex and the City / Sex in the City; have you heard of the Mandala Effect?)
Hall, Jerry (Mick Jagger’s wife/supermodel)
Tweed, Shannon (erotica/porn)
Whoppers, Wendy (porn)
Moore, Kenya
Pigford, Eva
Schneider, Maria (full frontal nudity in ’72)
Winstead, Mary Elizabeth
Couric, Katie
Burnett, Carol
Valentine, Stacy (porn)
Coolidge, Jennifer
Ryan, Debby (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
Nemcova, Petra
Brooks, Louise
Phillips, Busy (Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks; outspoken activist, especially wrt abortion)
Saint, Eva Marie
Thomason, Marsha (Lost; Las Vegas—two escapist titles/connotations)
Mulder, Karen (Dutch supermodel; public mental health issues)
Tiegs, Sheryl
Bach, Barbara (wife of Ringo Starr; Bond girl)
Carpenter, Charisma
Chriquie, Emannuelle (Entourage)
Madsen, Virginia (Sideways)
Peters, Bernadette
Ullman, Liv (worked closely w/ Ingmar Bergman; had a daughter w/ him)
Hemingway, Mariel
Swanson, Gloria
White, Vanna
Bregoli, Danielle (Internet celebrity for good looks)
O’Rourke, Heather (Poltergeist)
Pickford, Mary (“the girl with the curls,” 1920s film star)
Stratus, Trish (retired WWE diva)
Bialik, Mayim (Big Bang Theory)
Dey, Susan
Lakshmi, Padma (Top Chef)
Goulart, Isabel (Brazilian)
Wild, Michelle (porn)
Heatherton, Erin
Roemer, Sarah
Taylor, Niki
Gosselin, Kate (reality tv)
Gilpin, Peri
Oberon, Merle
Storms, Kristen
Struthers, Sally
Torv, Anna
Vacariu, Alina
Landers, Audrey
Lucci, Susan
Rae, Issa (web comedy series turn HBO show “Insecure”)


Disney, Walt
Weinstein, Harvey
Fellini, Federico
Lee, Spike
Mastroianni, Marcello
Wilder, Gene
Zemeckis, Robert (Back to the Future, an occult film predicting Trump as President and 9/11; Forrest Gump: star, Tom Hanks, tied with Isaac Kappy)
Cassavetes, John
Anderson, Paul Thomas
Shyamalan, M. Night
Jackson, Peter
Rohmer, Eric (French New Wave)
Cronenberg, David
Pizzolatto, Nic (True Detective)
Smith, Kevin
Carpenter, John
Serling, Rod (The Twilight Zone)
Cuaron, Alfonso
Sorkin, Aaron


Bieber, Justin
Brown, Chris
Farmer, Mylene (wildly popular Canadian-French singer)
Grande, Ariana
Harrison, George
Hepburn, Audrey
Iglesias, Enrique
Lavigne, Avril
Perry, Katy
Piaf, Edith (beloved French singer)
Sinatra, Frank
Styles, Harry (One Direction)
Swift, Taylor
Azilee (French singer)
Aznavour, Charles
Badu, Erykah (also Sun/Moon Pisces)
Brel, Jacques (French, apparently a legend)
Cole, J. (rapper)
Hallyday, Laeticia
Holliday, Billie
Furler, Sia (Australian soulful jazz/pop singer)
Francois, Claude
Pagny, Florent (French musician)
Payne, Liam (One Direction)
Renaud (French)
Rose, Axl (Guns ‘N Roses vocalist)
Jackson, Paris (daughter of Michael)
Berger, Michel (French)
Brown, James
Brown, Melanie (Spice Girls; of course the black one is “Scary Spice”)
Crow, Sheryl
Curtis, Ian (Joy Division)
Hill, Lauren
Moore, Mandy
Pop, Iggy
Songz, Trey
Momsen, Taylor
Collins, Lily (daughter of Phil)
Andre 3000
Armstrong, Louis
Clerc, Julien (French)
George, Boy
Haroche, Raphael
Trainor, Megan
Shankar, Ravi
Wagner, Richard
Blige, Mary J.
Cooper, Alice
Carter, Nick (Backstreet Boys)
Gore, Martin
May, Brian
Santana, Carlos
Bunton, Emma (Spice Girls)
Chance the Rapper (born: Chicago, IL)
Cyrus, Billy Ray (also: Politics & Occult/Spirituality; lots of creepy rumors about him)
Davis, Jonathan (Korn)
DeLonge, Tom (Blink 182, now a big proponent of UFO disclosure)
Brooks, Garth
Mane, Gucci
Rock, Kid
Jackson, La Toya (5th child of Jackson Family)
Durst, Fred (Limp Bizkit)
Nico (Velvet Underground)
Tedder, Ryan (OneRepublic)
Baker, Chet
Barrino, Fantasia (American Idol winner)
Handel, George
Man, Method
Barker, Travis
Etheridge, Melissa
James, Rick
Meat Loaf
Omarion (B2K)
Wentz, Pete (Fall Out Boy)
Henley, Don
Johnson, Brian (AC/DC)
Johnson, Jack
Lang, J.d.
Smith, Chad (RHCP)
Benatar, Pat
Sparks, Jordin
Burton, Cliff (Metallica)
Dvorak, Antonin (composer)
Jordison, Joey (Slipknot)
Montana, French
Sweatshirt, Earl
Young, Michael (AC/DC)
Khaled, DJ
Knight, Jordan (New Kids on the Block)
Strauss, Richard
Stump, Patrick (Fall Out Boy)
Astley, Rick (“Never Gonna Give You Up,” aka “Rick Rolling” the biggest meme in Internet history?)
Cantrell, Jerry (Alice in Chains)
Dano, Paul (Little Miss Sunshine)
Manzarek, Ray (The Doors)
Robyn (Swedish singer)
Rogers, Kenny
Satriani, Joe
Tierson, Yanny (avant garde French New Age)
Edge, The (U2)
Mullen Jr., Larry (U2)
Moore, Gary (“virtuoso” rock and blues guitarist)
Paul, Les
Watkins, Tionne (T-Boz of TLC)
Killah, Ghostface (Wu-Tang Clan)
Master P
Murs, Olly
Stewart, Ian (original member of The Rolling Stones; band manager Andrew Loog Oldham did not think Stewart's looks were good enough for publicity purposes, Stewart officially "left the group" but continued until his death as their road manager and pianist.”)


Claudel, Camille
Gaultier, Jean-Paul
Matisse, Henri
Eiffel, Gustave
Rabanne, Paco
Duchamp, Marcel
Kamagurka (Belgian absurdist cartoonist)
Lalique, Rene (glass)
Dubuffet, Jean (French sculptor)
Gehry, Frank (architect)
Wou-Ki, Zao (Chinese-French painter; does Pallas in Pisces suggest international influence?)


Copernicus, Nicolaus
Ramanujan, Srinivasa (mathematician w/ little formal training in pure mathematics)
Chalwa, Kalpana (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster)
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves
Servan-Schreiber, David (French physician)
Volta, Alessandro (electric battery)
Clow, Barbara Hand (astrologer)
Lumiere, Louis
Alzheimer, Alois (German psychiatrist)
Khayyam, Omar
Reich, Wilhelm
Morin, Jean-Baptiste (famous astrologer)
Brahe, Tycho (astronomer, alchemist, astrologer; last of the major naked-eye astronomers)
Milton, Erickshon (hypnosis/psychology)
James, William (“Father of American psychology”)
Joule, James Prescott (physicist whose work helped lead to the first law of thermodynamics)
Mayer, Melissa (VP of Search Product and User Experience at Google)
Gann, W.D. (“famous” astrologer/financial trader & analysis)
Carver, George Washington
Weber, Max (one of the foundational sociologists)
Halbronn, Jacques (astrologer)
Assagioli, Roberto (psychosynthesis, Mark Jones’ friend)
Godel, Kurt
Heisenberg, Werner
Laplace, Pierre-Simon (mathematician)
Rogers, Carl (foundational humanistic psychologist)
Schrodinger, Erwin


Madoff, Bernie (largest admitted Ponzi scheme ever; former non-executive chairman of NASDAQ)
Landru, Henri-Desire (French serial killer)
Hernandez, Aaron (NFL star tight end / convicted [serial?] killer)
Homolka, Karla
Siegel, Bugsy (mob/gangster)
Petiot, Marcel (French doctor convicted of murder after remains of 26 folks found in his Paris home post-WW2)
Short, Elizabeth (nicknamed Black Dahlia; victim of gruesome murder in 1947)
Bodein, Pierre (murderer and rapist)
Perez, Daniella (actress and daughter of Brazilian screenwriter Gloria Perez; brutally murdered by her cast partner and his wife; the latter only served six years)
Cheyenne, Miss (dominatrix)
Dils, Patrick (child killer but set free on retrial)
Desnoyers, Guy (French priest and criminal)


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (British Royal Family; second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales)
Caroline, Princess of Hanover (eldest child/daughter of Kelly Grace)
Diana, Princess of Wales (her sis, I believe, was Pallas in Aquarius)
Harry, Prince (Duke of Sussex, member of British Royal Family)
Gandhi, Mahatma
Kelly, Grace
Obama, Barack
Osama bin Laden
Putin, Vladimir
Stalin, Joseph
Trump, Melanie
Bernard, Tapie (French)
Chirac, Bernadette (French, wife of former President Jacque Chirac)
Karunanidhi (present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.)
Louis XIV of France
Marx, Karl
Reagan, Ronald
Bush, George H.W.
Khan, Genghis
Khan, Imran (Israeli 22nd Prime Minister)
Clinton, Chelsea (only daughter of Bill & Hillary)
Cruz, Ted
Mengele, Joseph
Carter, Jimmy (39th U.S. Prez, 1977-1981)
Cruz, Ted
Robespierre, Maximilien
Coulter, Anne
Eichmann, Adolf (high-ranking Nazi member)
Pinochet, Augusto (Chilean dictator, 1973-1990)
Steinem, Gloria
Aurelius, Marcus
Adams, John
Introduction of the Euro
Farrakhan, Louis
Hirohito (Japanese emperor)
Berlin Wall, Fall of the
Genet, Jean (French activist)
McCain, Meghan (daughter of former U.S. Senator John McCain)
Lincoln, Mary Todd (First Lady of Abraham)
Mieroslawski, Ludwig (Polish general, activist; the November uprising of 1830)
Villa, Poncho (Mexican Revolutionary; birth time in question)
Adams, John Quincy
Central Intelligence Agency Saturday, July 26, 1947, 12:20 PM Washington (DC) (United States)
Davis, Patti (daughter of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis Reagan)
Hannity, Sean
Nader, Ralph
Yiannapoulos, Milo
Goebbels, Magda (wife of Joseph, head Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany)


Anti-Christ (birth date, time and city: Astrodatabank, Jeanne Dixon)
Teresa, Mother
Icke, David
Tolle, Eckhart
Yogananda, Paramahamsa
Hubbard, L. Ron (Scientology)
Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius (1486-1535; extremely influential in astrological magic)
Brown, Derren (illusionist)
Hall, Manly P. (occultist)
Jane Roberts (psychic channeler)
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni (Italian Renaissance)
Sivananda, Swami
Calvin, John (Calvinism)
Lenormand, Mademoiselle ("a French famous occultist spécialist of Tarot cards. She had famous clients such as Robespierre, Marat, Danton and Napoléon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine")
Worral, Olga (psychic)

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