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These are lists of famous persons (and events and other entities) born with Pallas in the Third House, harvested from Astrotheme. The lists are very roughly sorted into astrological categories (sports as the first house, arts as the fifth, etc). Perhaps one may notice on these lists a high proportion of persons with strong analytical intelligence, verbal/linguistic facility, and/or perhaps even manual dexterity.


Ronaldo, Cristiano
Zidane, Zinedine
Maradona, Diego
Murray, Andy
Frazier, Joe
Jeter, Derek (baseball, New York icon)
Joyner, Florence Griffith (track and field)
Lendl, Ivan (tennis)
Tendulkar, Sachin (cricket)
Lendl, Ivan (tennis)
Leonard, Sugar Ray (boxer)
Rudolph, Wilma (Olympic gold medalist)
Lin, Jeremy (famous Asian basketball player, notable for “Linsanity” during 2012 NBA season w/ NY Knicks)
Thomas, Isiah (NBA Hall of Famer, poor management skills, rivalry w/ Michael Jordan, sexual assault case)
Harbaugh, Jim (mediocre NFL player/quality pro & college football coach—49ers, Michigan)
Havlicek, John (NBA Hall of Famer)
Plant, Jacques (Hall of Fame goaltender—hockey)
Deer, Rob (MLB slugger)
Fassel, Jim (NFL head coach—New York Giants)
Garciaparra, Nomar (MLB All-Star shortstop for the Boston Red Sox—short-but-great prime due to injuries)
McCarver, Tim (MLB—player, now sportscaster)
Romanowski, Bill (NFL linebacker)
Enberg, Dick (sports media announcer)
White, Byron (football halfback, Supreme Court Justice appointed by JFK)
Beard, Ralph (NBA basketball player, banned for life for point shaving, a form of gambling corruption)
Buckner, DeForest (NFL defensive lineman, No. 7 overall pick for the San Francisco 49ers)
Clark, Dwight (NFL receiver for the 49ers, two-time Super Bowl winner known for “The Catch”)
Ferguson, Chris (nicknamed “Jesus,” a famous poker player known for mathematical prowess)
Johansson, Ingemar (former heavyweight champion in boxing; TKO’d Floyd Patterson)
Johnson, Wesley (NBA basketball player, No. 4 overall pick, a “bust”—highly thought of pick who never worked out, although he ended up as a mediocre role-player for a few years)
Pronger, Chris (NHL defenseman, Hall of Famer; highly skilled yet also considered an extremely physical, “dirty” player)


Chanel, Coco
Jobs, Steve
Dior, Christian
Turner, Ted


Camus, Albert
Christie, Agatha
Rimbaud, Arthur
Casanova, Giacomo (difficult to categorize)
Hubbard, L. Ron
Sartre, Jean Paul
Anderson, Hans Christian (fairy tales)
Bradbury, Ray (Fahrenheit 451)
Dumas, Alexandre (French novelist)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Gibran, Kahlil (also: Religion/Spirituality)
Hegel, Friedrich
Parker, Dorothy
Atwood, Margaret C (“A Handmaid’s Tale”)
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (The Romantic Movement; friends with Wordsworth)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (Dark Romanticism, “The Scarlett Letter”)
Muir, John (nature writer)
Irving, John (The World According to Garp, The Cider House Rules)
Lewis, Sinclair (first U.S.-born author to win Nobel Prize in Literature, 1930)
Sturgeon, Pierre (writer who created a technique known as “rhythmic prose,” which I found interesting enough to merit inclusion even though I’d never heard of him)


Houston, Texas (city)
Iran, Islamic Republic of (country)
Morocco (country)
Baltimore, Maryland (The Wire)
United Arab Emirates (country)
Burma (Myanmar)


Affleck, Ben
Brando, Marlon
Butler, Gerard
Coster, Kevin
Gere, Richard
Lewis, Daniel-Day
Neeson, Liam
Reeves, Keanu
Van Damme, Jean-Claude
Walker, Paul
Williams, Robin
Willis, Bruce
Grylls, Bear
Irwin, Steve
Martin, Steve
Burton, Richard
Jordan, Michael B.
Perry, Tyler
Wood, Elijah (unreliable birthdate)
Crowe, Cameron
Heston, Charlton
Holden, William
Holloway, Josh
Johnson, Don
Burr, Bill
Gilliam, Terry (Monty Python)
Leary, Denis (his bio notes he’s an ardent libertarian)
Samberg, Andy
Ali, Mahershala (“Moonlight”)
Anderson, Anthony (comedian; “The Shield,” “Barbershop”)
Olmos, Edward James (Stand and Deliver, a movie ubiquitous in elementary/middle/high school classes)
Saget, Bob (comedian; “Full House”)
Scott, Adam (comedian, playing the straight man)
Daly, Carson (Total Request Live; milquetoast sellout)
Barber, Bob (The Price is Right)
Ferrara, Manuel (well-known male porn star known for hardcore scenes)
Gleason, Jackie (The Honeymooners; comedian)
Williams, Brian (NBC Nightly News anchor)
Barker, Bob (The Price Is Right)


Aniston, Jennifer
Johansson, Scarlett
Tyler, Liv
Williams, Michelle
Klum, Heidi
Lohan, Lindsay
McAdams, Rachel
Johnson, Dakota
Upton, Kate
Griffin, Kathy
Silverman, Sarah
Spears, Jamie Lynn
White, Betty
Anderson, Gillian
Bonet, Lisa
Davis, Geena
Dunaway, Faye
Field, Sally
Kudrow, Lisa
Murphy, Brittany
Sevigny, Chloe
Temple, Shirley
Birch, Thora (American Beauty/child actress)
Jones, Rashida (could also be Politics—her father is Quincy Jones and mother is Peggy Lipton)
Eleniak, Erika
Gifford, Kathy Lee (Regis Philbin)
Eggert, Nicole (Baywatch)
Krakowski, Jane (comedian; Ally McBeal, 30 Rock)
Robinson, Anne (The Weakest Link; “The Queen of Mean”)


Kubrick, Stanley
Coppola, Francis Ford
Demy, Jacques (French New Wave)


Dion, Celine
Michael, George
O'Connor, Sinead
Cole, Keyshia
Collins, Phil
Cube, Ice
Cudi, Kid
Davis, Miles
Debussy, Claude
Gibson, Tyrese
Franklin, Aretha
Liszt, Franz
Jones, Norah
Stipe, Michael (R.E.M.)
Vivaldi, Antonio
Domingo, Placido (tenor)
Holst, Gustav (The Planets)
Hussle, Nipsey (now deceased, with a somewhat minor controversy/conspiracy surrounding his death)
Mayall, John
Puccini, Giacomo
Spector, Phil (producer)
Federline, Kevin (Britney Spears marriage)
Jackson, La Toya (also could be Media or Artist)
Bangalter, Thomas (Daft Punk)
Littrell, Brian (Backstreet Boys)
Lutoslawski, Witold (composer)
McIntyre, Joey (New Kids on the Block)
Davis, Sammy Jr. (Rat Pack)
Lennon, Julian
Presley, Lisa Marie
Cole, Natalie (daughter of Nat King Cole)
Salieri, Antonio (“Amadeus”)
Scantlin, Wes (Puddle of Mudd)
Krieger, Robbie (The Doors)
Mozart, Leopold (father of Wolfgang Amadeus)
Osmond, Jimmy (The Osmond family)
Derringer, Rick (producer, rock ‘n roll)
O’Day, Anita (Jazz singer)


Adams, Ansel (photographer)


Hawking, Stephen
Darwin, Charles
Turing, Alan
Dee, John
Goodall, Jane
Feynman, Richard
Lavoisier, Antoine (chemistry)
Levi-Strauss, Claude
Black, Milton (Australian astrologer)
Cainer, Jonathan (noted Sun sign astrologer, now deceased)
Green, Jeffrey Wolf (founder of Evolutionary Astrology)
Barbault, Martine (notable astrology family)
Braille, Louis (Braille)
Galois, Evariste (precocious mathematician)
James, Williams (psychology)
Weber, Max (post-Marx economist/sociologist)
Quigley, Joan (astrology)
Sheldrake, Rupert (morphogenetic fields)
Sullivan, Erin (astrologer, author of “Retrogrades”)
Salk, Jonas (vaccine)
Westinghouse, George (entrepreneur, engineer, rival of Thomas Edison)
Robson, Vivian (astrologer)
Salk, Jonas (polio vaccine)
Thomas Henry Huxley (grandfather of Aldous Huxley)
Fisher, Hans (Nobel Prize-winning chemist, 1930)
Friedman, Hank (astrologer, does a lot of work promoting different astro programs)
Leo, Bessie (astrologer, wife of Alan Leo)
Forsyth, Andrew (mathematician, chair of mathematics at University of Liverpool at age 24)


Gacy, John Wayne
Rocancourt, Christophe
Atkins, Susie (Manson murders)
Savannah (porn)
Valentine, Stacy (porn)
Petiot, Marcel (doctor/killer)
Rader, Dennis (serial killer)
Ridgeway, Gary (serial killer)
Bernardo, Paul (serial killer/rapist)
Joubert, John (serial killer)
El Chapo (contemporary drug kingpin leader of the Sinaloa Cartel of Mexico)
May 22 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing
June 17 2017 London Attacks
Smith, Edgar (convicted murderer; William F. Buckley Jr. publicly argued his case, which eventually resulted in his conviction being overturned in favor of 2nd degree murder. He later became a brief media celebrity, and was later incarcerated for kidnapping and attempted murder of another woman)


Castro, Fidel
Clinton, Bill
Clinton, Hillary
Diana, Princess of Wales
Middleton, Kate (Duchess of Cambridge)
Biden, Joe
Chavez, Hugo (disputed birth time)
Columbus, Christopher
Harmon, Mark
Philippe, Edouard
U.S. Declaration of Independence
Besancenot, Oliver
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Gillard, Julia (1st female prime minister of Australia)
Hirohito (emperor)
Sharon, Ariel
Cortez, Alexandria-Ocasio (New York liberal)
Harding, Warren G. (U.S. prez)
Maduro, Nicolas (Venezuelan president)
Chavez, Cesar (National Farm Workers Association; civil rights activist)
Milk, Harvey (first openly gay politician in California)
Newton, Huey P. (Black Panther Party for Self Defense)
Paine, Thomas (The American Revolution, author of ‘Common Sense’)
Carter, Rosalynn (wife of Jimmy Carter)
Thomas, Clarence (Anita Hill controversy, Supreme Court justice)
Chamberlain, Neville (British politician)
Franken, Al (U.S. politician, Senator)


Crowley, Aleister
Dass, Ram (Be Here Now/Berkeley hippie drug scene/Timothy Leary)
Luther, Martin
McCandless, Christopher (protagonist of Into the Wild, survivalist)
Warren, Lorraine (occultist)
Yram (occultist)
Iyengar, B.K.S. (Iyengar yoga, world renown yogi)

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