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These are lists of famous persons (and events and other entities) born with Pallas in the Fourth House, harvested from Astrotheme. The lists are very roughly sorted into astrological categories (sports as the first house, arts as the fifth, etc). As yet, a pattern is not obvious to us -- Pallas in the Fourth House may or may not be directly analogous to Pallas in aspect with the Moon (which suggests a type of "warrior" energy).


Ronaldinho (famous soccer player)
Andre the Giant (wrestling)
Lindbergh, Charles (first pilot to fly solo, uninterrupted flight across the Atlantic)
Spitz, Mark (7 Olympic gold medals, 1972)
Namath, Joe (NFL quarterback)
Erickson, Dennis (former SF 49ers head coach )
Martin, Billy (MLB second baseman but best known as NY Yankees manager in ‘70s/’80s, died in ’89)
McGinest, Willie (standout NFL defensive end/linebacker with the NE Patriots, early ‘00s, likely Hall of Fame)
Nomo, Hideo (former LA Dodgers pitcher, credited with being the first star from the then-nascent Japanese-to-MLB boom)
Van Exel, Nick (NBA point guard, fringe All-Star from the mid-90s/early 00s)
LeBeau, Dick (legendary Hall of Fame NFL defensive coach known for the “zone blitz”)
Snead, Sam (golf)
Vermeil, Dick (Super Bowl-winning coach of the ’99 cinderella St. Louis Rams)
Campbell, Earl (Hall of Fame NFL running back. Stayed in the South most/all his life, look into—loyalty/family/bonds with a physical region)
Mashburn, Jamal (a notable NBA player in his time)
Musial, Stan (Hall of Fame MLB player, one of the greatest hitters to ever play—played for the same team)
Selig, Bud (MLB commissioner from ~late 70s to … 2010s? Oversaw the steroid scandal. Word is he wasn’t above manipulating things)
Bonds, Bobby (matched only by his son, Barry; obviously he’s the father of Barry Bonds, the greatest hitter in baseball history)


Jenner, Kris (marketing)
Kardashian, Kim (marketing)
Robbins, Tony (self-help)
Branson, Richard (entrepreneur—Virgin)
Weinstein, Harvey (The Weinstein Company w/ brother Bob; MeToo movement; Miramax)
Ferrari, Enzo (Ferrari)
Flynt, Althea (4th wife of Larry Flint, owner of Hustler; she was co-publisher)
West, Jerry (probably the greatest NBA executive in NBA history)


Poe, Edgar Allan
Austen, Jane (Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice)
Dickens, Charles (dominant English writer of the 19th century)
Sand, George (French novelist; Sand was her nom de plume)
Goethe, Van Johann (Faust)
Bronte, Emily (Wuthering Heights; sister of Charlotte and Anne)
Byron, Lord (Don Juan)
Chekhov, Anton (Russian writer, dunno why I’ve heard of him but his name rings out to me)
Huxley, Aldous
Shelley, Mary (also Politics—she was the wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley)
Mitchell, Margaret (Gone With the Wind)
Melville, Herman (Moby Dick)
Blume, Judy (children’s author)
Ebert, Roger (Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic, died in 2013)
Friedan, Betty (feminist/activist of “The Second Wave”; known for “The Feminine Mystique”)
George, Llewellyn (New Age publisher)
Sandberg, Carl (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet)
Lowen, Amy (awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, albeit posthumously)


California (source: Marc Penfield)
Miami (Florida)


Carrey, Jim (comedian)
Chan, Jackie
DiCaprio, Leonardo (actor, known for Scorsese films)
Farrell, Colin (Minority Report, Miami Vice)
Grant, Hugh
Phoenix, River (died young)
Pratt, Chris (contemporary actor)
Beatty, Warren (Bulworth)
Vaughn, Vince (Swingers, The Wedding Crashers; huge contemporary milquetoast-esque comedian)
Glover, Donald (comedian—NBC shows such as 30 Rock & Community; “Atlanta” on FX)
Moore, Roger (James Bond actor)
Franco, Dave
MacLachlan, Kyle (Dune, Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives)
Paul, Logan (Internet personality)
Carvey, Dana (Saturday Night Live)
Hartman, Phil (comedian)
Carradine, Keith (actor family)
Jillette, Penn (magician/atheist/skeptic type)
Lange, Artie (comedian/Howard Stern Show)
Woolery, Chuck (game show host)


Hewitt, Jennifer Love
Longoria, Eva (Desperate Housewives)
Loren, Sophia (Italian actress)
Bundchen, Gisele (highest-paid model from 2002-2017; wife of Tom Brady, NFL superstar quarterback of the New England Patriots)
Lima, Adriana (Victoria’s Secret)
Garland, Judy (The Wizard of Oz)
Woodley, Shailene (28-yo actress best known for ABC Family series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”)
Kravitz, Zoe (daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet)
Ball, Lucille (I Love Lucy)
Cuthbert, Elisha
Moss, Elisabeth (excellent actress who starred in Mad Men, among others)
Poehler, Amy (comedian)
Ringwald, Molly (The Breakfast Club)
Sagal, Katey (Sons of Anarchy, Married with Children)
Caplan, Lizzie (B-level actress known as the female lead in the short-lived “Party Down,” as well as Janis in Mean Girls)
Child, Julia (French cooking)
Deen, Paula (cooking)
Hogan, Brooke (oldest child of Hulk Hogan)


Burton, Tim
Hitchcock, Alfred
Coen, Ethan (director)
Bay, Michael (ostentatious big-budget action films—Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Transformers)
Leone, Sierra (Italian spaghetti Western director)
Harmon, Dan (creator of comedy series Community and Rick and Morty)


Bieber, Justin (pop star)
Jay-Z (New York rapper turned business mogul)
Harrison, George (lead guitarist of The Beatles)
Keys, Alicia (R&B)
Lee, Amy (Evanescence)
Manson, Marilyn (contemporary rock/metal group)
Mars, Bruno
Mercury, Freddie (Queen)
Ono, Yoko (married to John Lennon)
Parton, Dolly
Perry, Katy (pop star)
Richards, Keith (The Rolling Stones)
Smith, Jaden (son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith)
Springsteen, Bruce
Swift, Taylor (pop star)
Badu, Erykah (contemporary hip-hop, R&B & jazz star)
Game, The (mainstream-ish contemporary L.A. gangsta rap artist)
Lauper, Cyndi
Tyler, Steven (Aerosmith)
Jones, Quincy (legendary music producer; Michael Jackson)
Simon, Paul (Simon & Garfunkle)
Cobain, Frances (daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, as well as a musician—who knows, maybe she grows into becoming “somebody”)
Bolton, Michael
Garcia, Jerry (The Grateful Dead)
Mustaine, Dave (Megadeth + original Metallica member)
Mya (pop/R&B artist)
Cooke, Sam (soul)
Dvorak, Antonin (Romantic era composer)
King, B.B. (blues)
Wyman, Bill (The Rolling Stones)
Dupri, Jermaine (mainstream hip-hop/R&B producer big in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s)
Robison, Emily (Dixie Chicks)


Rembrandt (painter and printmaker)
Balthus (French modern artist)
Stanton, Eric (fetish/bondage illustrator)


Newton, Isaac (classical physics)
Pasteur, Louis (germ theory; vaccine)
Schopenhauer, Arthur (philosophy; The World as Will)
Leary, Timothy (psychedelic research)
Diesel, Rudolf (inventor—diesel engine)
Fromm, Erich (psychoanalyst)
Heinseberg, Werner (the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in physics, a fundamental experiment of quantum physics)
Wundt, Wilhelm (founder of experimental & cognitive psychology)
Pauling, Linus (chemist)
Merriman, Raymond (financial astrologer)
Sutton, Komilla (Vedic astrologer)
Cochrane, David (astrologer)
Perry, Glenn (astrologer)
Witte, Alfred (astrologer, founder of Hamburg School)
Ortega y Gasset, Jose (philosopher)
Wallace, Alfred Russell (contemporary of Darwin)
Alli, Antero (astrologer)
Harness, Dennis (astrologer, with a heavy emphasis in Jyotish, I believe)
Carter, E.O. (astrologer)
Van Toen, Donna (astrologer)
Dobyns, Zipporah (well-known Modern Psychological astrologer, helped publicize the 12 Letter Alphabet)
Mullette, Julienne (astrologer, founder of ISAR)
Munkasey, Michael (technical astrologer)
Pribram, Karl (neurosurgeon with innovative work on the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex)
Lewis, Jim (AstroCartoGraphy, and no, I’m not putting the stupid little *s)
Michelson, Neil


Dahmer, Jeffrey (serial killer)
Siffredi, Rocco (male porn star)
Sirhan Sirhan (convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy; raised in the Church)
Rwandan Genocide


Antoinette, Marie
Hilton, Paris (heiress to real estate and hotel fortune)
Maher, Bill (political comedian)
Braun, Eva (wife of Hitler)
Palin, Sarah
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (32nd U.S. Pres)
X, Malcolm (Malcolm Little)
Clinton, Chelsea
Cheney, Dick
Kerry, John
Kardashian, Robert: O.J. Simpson lawyer & friend—so this is the patriarchy of the Kardashians?! O.J. stayed with Kardashian after the alleged murder. Robert died of cancer in ’03. This is notable because the maternal side of the Kardashians seem to have a curse on men—Robert died within 2 months of being diagnosed in ’03 at 59; Bruce turns into a woman; Lamar Odom gets hooked on crack. -shrugs- just a crackpot theory floating the interwebs)
Maddow, Rachel (political hack)
Manigault, Omarosa (Trump secret tapes)
Xiaoping, Deng (late leader of Communist Party of China)
Crockett, Davy (folk hero)
Engels, Friedrich (Karl Marx + communism)
Ford, Betty (First Lady of Gerald Ford; known for Betty Ford Center for substance abuse)
McVeigh, Timothy (Unabomber)
Coolidge, Calvin (13th U.S. Prez)
Hammerskold, Dag (diplomat)
O’Connor, Sandra Day (first female Associate Justice of the Supreme Court)
DeBlasio, Bill (contemporary NYC politician/mayor)
Koch, Ed (NYC politician/Congressman from ‘60s-‘80s)
Noriega, Manuel (de facto ruler of Panama, 1983-1989; heavy intelligence ties to U.S.)


Castaneda, Carlos

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